Over 4,000 injured, at least 100 killed in Beirut explosion

Two massive explosions shook the seaport city of Beirut, Lebanon, on Tuesday evening.

The Guardian live updates indicated more than 4,000 people have been injured in the huge explosions — the Health Ministry in Lebanon put it at 3,000 on Tuesday evening — and at least 100 others killed.

Windows were shattered miles around the explosion.

While the cause of the blasts was not immediately clear, senior officials said flammable materials, stored in a warehouse in the port area had caught fire.

Lebanese Prime Minister on Tuesday said the explosions were caused by an estimated 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate left unsecured for six years in a warehouse. 

The incident began with a small initial explosion that reportedly ignited a fire.

Then came two secondary blasts, propelling a big cloud of smoke and debris over the city.

The casualty numbers have continued to rise since Tuesday evening.

“Director General of Lebanese Customs asked whether fireworks were stored near ammonium nitrate: His answer: Most probably, this was the case,” correspondent Jenan Moussa tweeted on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, 67 aid workers will leave the Netherlands tonight heading to Lebanon to help. Among them policemen, firefighters and doctors. They will be joined by 50 French aid workers, Moussa reports.

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