I am very loyal to Jubilee Party, I have contributed over ksh600, 000, says Senator Millicent Omanga



On Wednesday, senator Millicent Omanga appeared before the disciplinary committee to answer for missing the parliamentary group meeting at state house. In the meeting, Omanga claimed to be a very loyal supporter of Jubilee Party.

“I am loyal to the party. I have subscribed to the party. Since 2017 I have paid over Ksh600, 000. Moreover, i pay Ksh20, 000 per month. I can’t pay if I’m not loyal,” she said while answering allegations of being disloyal to Jubilee Party.

Moreover, Senator Omanga was asked to answer the ‘come baby come’ statement she made on social media. She said the sentiments were made in an effort to defend Jubilee party.

“We hear that they want to bring a motion to impeach the Deputy President. I want to tell them, Bring it on baby, bring it on. We are waiting!” Those were the words uttered by the senator on Wednesday March 11th 2020. said it was meant to defend Jubilee Party.

Omanga was among 100 parliamentarians who had gathered for a press briefing at Parliament to depend Deputy President William Ruto against impeachment by ‘Kieleweke’, a rival camp of the Jubilee Party. In her defence, Omanga said she had uttered those words to defend Jubilee Party.

“I was defending our party against perpetrators; that is people who don’t support our party. I was just responding to media and social media,” she said.

Senator Omanga was also one of the senators accused of gross insubordination. Senator Omanga defended herself by saying she was never invited to the Jubilee meeting where Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen and Chief Whip Susan Kihika were ousted.

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“I did not get the message. The invitation to the meeting through messages is not adequate. Sometimes there are over one hundred messages. It is humanly impossible to go through all of them,” she said.

Moreover, Omanga said she had not gone to her office because it was closed.

“When we got a letter to show cause we were not served by the party, we were called to the office of the Chief Whip,” she added.

Senator Victor Prengei said he was in the village on the day of the meeting and could not attend the meeting.

“On that day, I was in the village, East Mau. The area has very poor network and roads. I use solar and because of the rainy season, I couldn’t charge my phone,” Prengei said before the disciplinary committee.


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