IG Hillary Mutyambai advises motorists on what to do if found without a hard copy driving license

Inspector General of National Police Service Hillary Mutyambai/ PHOTO: COURTESY

Forgetting your driving license could land you in trouble with the traffic police but not to worry anymore.

Inspector General of National Police Service Hillary Mutyambai says there is an alternative to proving you are a licensed driver without having a hard copy.

A driver engaged IG Mutyambai on an incident that occurred when he encountered traffic police. Leakey Lesilantoi, a Twitter user, wanted advice on what to do in such an instance.

“If I unfortunately forget my Driving License and the cops stopped me for routine traffic check-ups, what should be my right penalty for not displaying my DL or what should I do?” Leakey asked.

IG Mutyambai went ahead to answer the questions stating that one should produce the physical copy within 24 hours.

“If you do not have the hard copy DL, you may show the officers a soft copy from ecitizen account as proof of being a licensed driver,” IG answered.

He further stated, “Failure to do this attracts a fine of Sh.1,000 (Section 36). Note you are allowed to produce the physical copy within 24 hours.”

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