Man cons Kenyans in revenge after being scammed Sh400, 000

Man Crying (Photo/Courtesy)

A Kenyan man decided to seek revenge after being conned in one trading and investment platform.

The unidentified man had borrowed a loan of Sh400, 000 and invested the whole amount in a trading platform to make profit.

However, the people he sent the money to disappeared without trace. He did not achieve what he had planned to and was instead left with a huge loan to pay.

He decided to get the money back through conning other gullible Kenyans in a WhatsApp group called Forex Tech Official Group. He raised Sh400,000 from unsuspecting Kenyans who thought they were also investing their money. He used the money to pay his loan.

After clearing his loan, he confessed about his actions in the Forex WhatsApp group and immediately left.
Moreover, he claimed to have destroyed any evidence that might help police trace his whereabouts.

“Hello investors, let me give you special advice. There is nothing like investment in Kenya. I feel sorry for scamming you but ilibidi niwaoshe ju mimi nilioshwa in one of the platforms about 400k,” he wrote.

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“So I am making it clear now. Don’t ever try to invest. My target was 400k because I had taken a loan of 400k and I paid today. I used all of your money to pay. Currently I am in Wajir and i have sold the phone so I will never come online again.”

“This sim card that we have been using to invest I don’t know the owner of the ID. I got this ID on Facebook and registered a sim card. I don’t know any of the customer care and I have never met any of them. So follow me, not the customer care. Sanitize and stay safe. Goodbye,” the con artist said.

The man confessing his deeds in the WhatsApp group

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