Mater Hospital slashes salaries of staff, sends others on unpaid leave

Mater Hospital (Photo/Courtesy)

Mater Hospital has reduced salaries of all employees due to covid-19 economic impact. Additionally, some of the staff will be sent on unpaid leave.

“All staff will unfortunately take a pay cut in the month of June, July, August and September. Additionally, we will remain at an optimal operational level,” read a statement by Mater Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Dominic Mwenja.

The number of patients coming to the hospital has drastically reduced. Consequently, Mater Hospital will send a considerable number of staff on unpaid leave but cushion them with 50% of the new graduated salary.

The groups will be alternating accordingly; one month on leave and the other month on duty. The arrangement will continue for four months after which the hospital will review the situation and make changes if necessary.

Agha Khan University Hospital had also communicated to its staff about plans for a pay cut.

“The pay cut will be effective from May 2020 and the gross salary will be adjusted downwards by the respective percentage and will be reviewed in three months,” read the memo signed by MP Shah Chairman Manoj Shah.

Many businesses have been shutting down or making drastic changes in order to stay afloat during coronavirus pandemic.

Fairmont Norfolk and Fairmont Mara Safari Club closed down business and fired all their employees on Wednesday.

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“It is regrettable that our hotels, Fairmont the Norfolk and Fairmont Mara Safari Club have since ceased their operations as a spiral effect of the covid-19 pandemic and the recent flooding of Fairmont Mara Safari Club,” Fairmont Manager Mehdi Morad said.

The decision to close the hotels was made after covid-19 prevented them from carrying out their contractual obligations.

“It is the decision of the management to terminate the services of its employees due to frustration by way of mutual separation. These unprecedented natural causes have resulted in disruption of our business now and in the foreseeable future,” the manager said.

All the employees will be issued with the termination letters by end of June 5, 2020. Employees with less than 5 years’ experience will be paid one month’s salary in lieu.

Mediamax also announced the termination of some of its employees due to the hard economic times.

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