NACADA director Chipukeezy talks about legalising bhang

    NACADA director and Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy (photo/courtesy)

NACADA director Vincent Muasia aka Chipukeezy has weighed in on the bang legalisationn debate.

Speaking during International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking on Friday, Chipukeezy said although some sections want the plant to be legalised, Kenyans are yet to get to the point of having the conversation.

Moreover, the comedian said there were many types of bhang already being sold in the market.

“Hapo kwa trafficking, nimeskia hapa Kenya kuna aina mingi za shashamani. Kuna bangi ya mtaa,  bangi ya Jamaica lakini sana sana, kuna bangi ya Ethiopia ndio kusema huku,” the Chipukeezy Show host said.

Despite people calling for the legalisation of bhang, the director said Kenyans were far from having that discussion.

“Anyway, naskia mbogi inalia LEGALIZE! but hatuezi have hiyo conversation ju shashamani kadhaa hata hazitoki hii mtaa, mingi zinapita traffic lights pale border,” he said.

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The comedian-cum director urged Kenyans to critically think about the effects of drugs before indulging in them. This will enable them to make informed choices.

He advised people to take care of and support drug addicts instead of reprimanding them. According to the NACADA director, drug addiction is more of a disease than a vice. Where To Buy DNP

“I want to urge you to take a minute or two off your busy schedule and do some research on drug abuse and it’s real effects (both short and long term). It’s only when you understand that, you can make the right decisions.”

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“Part of being informed is sharing what you know so let’s start talking about it. Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease, support those suffering, don’t punish them,” the director said.

Former Kibra MP the late Ken Okoth is among leaders who have pushed for the legalisation of marijuana.

He went as far as writing to National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi on September 21, 2018 to petition for the legalisation of the plant.

He at the same time wanted all criminal records against Kenyans with prior convictions of marijuana use dropped and amnesty measures instituted.

The legislator also wanted research and policy development on growth and use of marijuana and hemp for medical, industrial, textile and recreational purposes.

Speaking during Okoth’s memorial mass at Moi Girls School in Nairobi, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko urged youthful legislators to pick the mantle from the MP and table the Bill before the National Assembly in his honour.

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