Only way to have order is to impeach Uhuru, ex-CJ Maraga says

President Uhuru Kenyatta and retired Chief Justice David Maraga/ COURTESY

Former Chief Justice David Maraga has said the only way to have order is to impeach President Uhuru Kenyatta, saying he has grossly violated the Constitution. Otherwise, Kenya will turn into a banana republic.

In a candid interview with KTN News on Wednesday, Maraga said President Kenyatta has continuously violated the Constitution and ignored court orders, even as he interferes with the functions of other arms of government.

He maintained Uhuru was wrong to reject six judges approved by the Judicial Service Commission, saying he has no mandate or power whatsoever to cherry-pick who to appoint and who to leave out. He said the President’s role in the appointment process is ceremonial.

He further said the list of appointees whose integrity was being questioned by the Executive had changed in the recent swearing-in.

“I confirm that the names have changed. Those who were said to have integrity issues, some have been added to that list some have been removed. For the good of persons concerned I won’t name them,” Maraga said.

He accused the President of condemning the six judicial officers in public without offering them an opportunity to defend themselves, effectively destroying their lives and careers.

“I will remember him (Uhuru) as a President who had no regard for the law. It is unfortunate, but that’s a fact. When you have court orders disobeyed from the top, from the President, Cabinet secretaries, PSs, criminal elements take advantage of it because they know nothing will happen. This impunity, and particularly disobedience of court orders, is going to grind this country if we do not take care,” Maraga said at his Karen home.

In a passionate appeal, Maraga urged Kenyans to stand up against impunity, saying that if they are not careful, the aftermath of the next year’s general election could be worse than that of 2007.

“This country is ours let everybody say no to impunity. If we don’t do that, like in the coming general election, what we saw in 2007 was child’s play. People are playing around, forget these things they say,” the retired CJ said.

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