Pay your pending bill or we take you to court, Wiper Secretary General warned

Secretary General of Wiper Democratic Movement Judith Sijeny/ PHOTO: COURTESY

The management of Maanzoni Lodge is not too pleased with one Ms. Judith Achieng Sijeny who has an outstanding bill.

In a letter address the Secretary General of Wiper Democratic Movement, the management expressed their utter dismay in the way Judith Sijeny is handling herself.

“I write on behalf of Maanzoni Lodge to register my dismay on your repeated failure to honour promises to sesttle outstanding conferencing, accomodation and catering bills,” Kanini Nosisi Musau stated.

The letter further stated the stipulated date that the Secretary General had made a commitment to honour her promise to settle the outstanding bills.

“Your latest promise via WhatsApp message was to pay in full on 13th November 2020- a promise you failed to keep,” management wrote.

Further adding, “Considering our hitherto long-standing and mutually beneficial business relationship, we have opted to not engage our lawyers as yet but we implore you to consider this letter the final correspondence from us on the matter.”

Secretary General Judith Sijeny has been granted 14 days by the management to settle the bill before the situation is escalated to a legal matter.

“If the outstanding sum is not settled within 14 days of receipt of this letter, 1st December 2020, we will have no option but to instruct our lawyers to take up the matter,” Kanini Musau stated.

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