Home News Middle-income families suffering in silence, urgently need food donation – Sonko

Middle-income families suffering in silence, urgently need food donation – Sonko

by Monrose Murugi
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Sonko Rescue Team donating foodstuff (Photo/Courtesy)

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has said middle-income families are also suffering behind closed doors and are in need of food and other basic needs.

Most of the funds and donations are being supplied to people in informal settlements who live from hand to mouth.

However, officers from the Sonko Rescue Team says they have discovered that middle-income families are also in dire need of help.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the livelihood of many people worldwide and middle-income families are no exception.

“Ongoing food distribution in Wilson Kijiji, Nairobi county. Nairobians from informal settlement areas are suffering in silence, with some going for several nights without food as the effects of Covid-19 pandemic spread across the country.”

“Officers from the Sonko Rescue Team, which has been distributing food and sanitizers, have revealed that despite their efforts to help the vulnerable groups, even the middle income residents are in need of food,” Sonko said on Monday.

According to Sonko, the SRT has been distributing food to at least 300 residents from every ward and has so far covered six of the 17 constituencies in the capital city.

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected many businesses in Kenya and people have been forced to work from home. The salaries of other workers have been slashed by half. The unlucky ones have been forced to go on unpaid leave. This has caused many families to suffer financially. As a result, the government has set up ways to cushion the vulnerable families in Kenya.

In April, the government started registering needy Kenyans who will benefit from the Sh10 billion set aside for special groups. The vulnerable families will join the elderly, people living with disabilities and orphans in receiving Sh2, 500 monthly.

Some of the institutions that have announced pay cuts for their staff include Kenyatta University, Egerton University and Kisii University and major media houses in the country.

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