Tanzania accuses Kenya of trying to destroy its tourism industry through false Covid-19 results


Arusha’s Regional Commissioner Mrisho Mashaka Gambo has accused Kenya of trying to ruin Tanzania’s tourism industry by claiming that Tanzanian drivers tested positive for Covid-19 yet they were negative. In a statement dated 20th May, the commissioner said Arusha will start collecting samples from truck drivers coming from Kenya at the Namanga border. The decision was made after the number of covid-19 infections from the border started increasing.

“To confirm the claims, we took fresh samples of Tanzanian drivers who were tested by Kenya in Namanga border and declared positive by Kenya. The samples were taken to Tanzania’s government laboratory in Dar-Es-Salaam and the results showed all of them were negative. Arusha is convinced these are tactics by Kenya to destroy the tourism industry in Arusha and Tanzania in general,” the statement from the Regional Commissioner reads.

Moreover, Tanzania announced that 14 drivers from Kenya tested positive for Covid-19. Commissioner Gambo revealed they started collecting samples from drivers coming from Kenya on 14th May. Out of 44 collected samples, 14 drivers tested positive for Covid-19.

“The samples of 44 drivers from Kenya was taken on 14th May, the results came out on 16th May. The results indicate that 14 drivers (11 Kenyans, 1 Ugandan and 2 from a country we won’t mention) coming from Kenya were positive and 30 were negative,” the statement reads.

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In addition, more tests were conducted on samples taken from Kenyan drivers on 16th and 18th May. Consequently, more people tested positive for Covid-19.

“On 16th May, the samples of 23 drivers coming from Kenya were taken and tested. The results indicated 10 were positive (All from Kenya) and 13 were negative. On 18th May, samples of 11 drivers from Kenya were taken. The results will be announced when they are available,” the statement adds.

Drivers who will test positive for coronavirus will not be allowed to enter Tanzania or Kenya. Arusha will continue to enforce measures of combating covid-19 at the Namanga border. The commissioner thanked Kenya for the assistance they were getting at the Namanga border.

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