Tanzania MP kicked out of Parliament for wearing ‘tight fitting’ trouser and yellow top

MP Condester Michael Sichlwe walks out of Parliament on Tuesday/ @Hakingowi on TWITTER

Tanzania’s National Assembly speaker on Tuesday threw out MP Condester Sichlwe out of the chambers for wearing a pair of black ‘tight fitting’ trouser and a yellow top.

This was after Nyangw’ale MP Hussein Amar of CCM sought guidance on her dressing code.

Speaker Job Ndugai ruled that Sichlwe was wearing ‘non-parliamentary attire’. Ndugai urged her to go change into parliamentary attire.

Photographs shared on social media by journalist Haki Ngowi showed some MPs amused by the incident, while others looked truly shocked by the ‘non-parliamentary attire’.

In September 2018, a new grooming policy targeting women MPs in the Tanzanian parliament was introiduced.

It said women MPs would not be allowed to wear false lashes and nails because of the “health risks” the beauty treatments pose to them.

Speaker Ndugai also announced women wearing excessive make-up, short dresses and jeans might not be allowed in either.

“With the powers vested in me by the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, I now ban all MPs with false eyelashes and false finger nails from stepping into Parliament,” The Citizen quoted him as saying.

Ndugai announced the ban shortly after Deputy Minister for Health, Community Development and Gender Dr Faustine Ndugulile told the House that women with false eyelashes and false finger nails face several health complications that cost the country dearly.

He said every year, the Muhimbili National Hospital received at least 700 women with health complications that are directly linked to the use of false eyelashes, false finger nails and skin bleaching.

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