UoN lecturer Ken Ouko’s last words before succumbing to coronavirus

The late UoN lecturer Ken Ouko

University of Nairobi lecturer Ken Ouko sent a sad message to his students days before his death.

Lecturer Ouko passed away on Saturday morning from Covid-19.

He had been admitted at Agha Khan Hospital. He was later transferred to ICU before succumbing to coronavirus complications.

Four days before his death, the sociologist sent a message to some of his students in WhatsApp groups, asking them to pray for him.

“The very dedicated team of doctors here at Agha Khan have tried their best but hii kitu ni kama ili damage my lungs too much. They’ve just left my room looking all very forlorn after the decision to transfer me to ICU. Please pray for me. God still loves me so I know he’ll spare me but just in case i don’t make it, I pray I shall still live forever in your mind/spirit,” Ouko said.

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The news of his death was confirmed by UoN Communications Director John Orindi.

The lecturer is remembered by students as a brilliant and passionate sociology teacher.

“Ken’s grasp of the societal issues and different cultures and his way of delivering his message to his students was so unique, his classes were so engaging and friendly. Forever grateful to have attended his class and get to listen to him,” tweeted UoN student Polly.

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