Why DPP Haji is still after Governor Obado, his four children

Migori Governor Okoth Obado

Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji on Tuesday ordered the arrest and prosecution of Migori Governor Okoth Obado and his four children over theft of public cash.

The is after the DPP said he had agreed with findings of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission in its investigations into alleged theft of county cash through companies registered by his relatives.

Obado is also facing the murder charges over the killing of university student Sharon Otieno and her unborn child. He is out on a Sh5 million bail after spending over a month in remand in 2018.

A month later, Obado was arrested after 8 guns were recovered from a raid at his homes in Migori and Nairobi. The EACC detectives had raided his homes as they sough evidence over corruption-related issues.

In an affidavit filed in court late in 2018, the EACC claimed that Obado used his relatives to steal Sh2 billion from the county government coffers.

EACC claimed that the companies registered by proxies transacted Sh1, 97 billion deals exclusively from the county government in three years.

The DPP now says Obado indirectly received Sh73.4 million from companies that traded with the county during his first term in office between 2013-14 and 2016-17 financial years.

Haji said his four children – Susan Scarlet, Jerry Zachary, Evelyn Adhiambo and Dan Achola Okoth — separately received Sh34.5 million from his companies and three brothers who acted as proxies in some companies that he owned. The alleged proxies are Jared Peter Kwaga, Patroba Ochanda and Joram Opala.

“Public money was lost through connivance of the governor and the business entities in payments made for performance of contracts… An audit trail of the money led to persons closely related to the governor,” Haji said in a statement on Tuesday.

The EACC audit trail shows the companies wired Sh38.9 million to the children, which was used to pay their school fees, upkeep, maintenance and medical bills in Australia, Scotland and the UK.

Some of the money was used to buy two Toyota Land Cruiser V8s, while Sh34.5 million was used to buy a house in Loresho, Nairobi, whose beneficial owner is Adhiambo, the EACC probe further shows.

The companies allegedly involved are Misoft Ltd, Tarchdog Printers, Deltrack ICT Services, Seletrack Consultants, Mactebac Contractors, Joyush Business, Swyfcon Engineering, Atinus Services, Kajulu Business, Victorious Investments, Dolphus Softwares, Dankey Press and Pesulus Services.

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