KIVUTHA KIBWANA: Have you any better qualities than Mulu Mutisya? My 10 questions to Kalonzo

By Kivutha Kibwana
Kivutha Kibwana and Kalonzo Musyoka/COURTESY


I begin by quoting what Kalonzo Musyoka said in a recent interview.
” On the growing opposition in his Ukambani backyard, led by Governors Kivutha Kibwana ( Makueni), Charity Ngilu (Kitui) and Alfred Mutua ( Machakos), Mr Musyoka dismissively said he is ‘used to these voices’ and suggested that the three governors were of little political consequence…”
” I want to tell you that in 2013 and 2017 the same voices were against me running with Raila, but what was the outcome? The Kamba nation voted more for Raila than even the Luos. There will always be people who want to be president. You cannot deny them the right to shout. That would be very unfair,” said Mr Musyoka in the Sunday Nation of July 26, 2020.
As time passes by, Kalonzo will have to answer for himself and the country the following questions.
One,  why has he serially disagreed with all the senior leaders from the Lower Eastern region, including Mzee David Musila,  governors Ngilu, Mutua and Kibwana, Muthama etc. Is he always right and the others wrong?
Two, can he enumerate his development record in his political career spanning 35 years, including five years as Vice President ( 2002-07)? Could he do this without his junior supporters reacting to this accountability enquiry by saying those who ask are abusing their boss?
Three, wasn’t he in 2017 with Ngilu and Kibwana in NASA with Raila? Has he forgotten only three short years later? Who helped him to mend fences with leaders whom they did not see eye to eye towards 2017?
Four, in what other geo-political regions and sectors of Kenya does Kalonzo have clear support cultivated in about his four decades of politics?
Five, what does Kalonzo stand for ideologically? What ideas does  he offer to propel Kenya forward? Who are his soulmates?
Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka (Photo/Courtesy)

Six, how does Kalonzo expect to be part of the UK/RAO handshake succession without ODM, NASA, and RAO? Is he looking for handshake accommodation so as to revamp his dwindling regional support?
Seven, has Kalonzo pondered whether if in 2002 he had decisively joined either Kibaki or Raila, there would have been a conclusive winner in the 2007 presidential race and hence possibly no bloodshed?
Eight, does he expect to competitively fight for the presidency in 2022 or shall he wait, in the entitlement spirit, to be “given” the position on a silver platter by the President and former Prime Minister? Is this why Kalonzo believes Ngilu, Alfred,  myself and other aspiring Kenyan leaders have only the right to shout and are of little political consequence in his mind?
Doesn’t he recognize every eligible Kenyan has a right under the Constitution to vie for any electoral position? And if we are exceedingly weak, why doesn’t he wait to wipe us out in Lower Eastern and the entire country come 2022? Can’t he compete in dignity?
Nine, what will Kalonzo do to his agreement with Musalia that the latter in 2017 conceded to be No. 3 after Kalonzo promised Mudavadi support in 2022?
Ten, even from an ethnic perspective, can Kalonzo look at his ASAL community in the eye and state he has treated it decently and fairly? That he has been a mentor to a community  of about five million people as he tries to reach out to the rest of Kenya? That he has done better than Paul Ngei and Mzee Mulu Mutisya? And that he has a good name in Kenya which will endear him to all or the majority?
I repeat: These are important and troubling questions that Steve may consider taking time to answer in the near future.
Kivutha Kibwa in the Makueni Governor and 2022 presidential aspirant

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