KOIGI WAMWERE: There is not one good reason to support Ruto for presidency

Deputy President William Ruto/ COURTESY


Brother Muigai wa Njoroge. In our ongoing debate between brothers, I asked you for reasons why you support Ruto for presidency for the next ten years.

The first question I asked was why you supported William Ruto so strongly for President. Your answer was, if Kenyatta and fellow dynasties had not betrayed William Ruto, you would not be supporting him today.

This answer surprises me. You did not say Kenyatta Dynasty betrayed you. Apparently, Kenyatta dynasty has not betrayed you. You are defending Ruto against treachery of Kenyatta dynasty.

But why Ruto for presidency? I believe if Kenyatta, Moi and Uhuru have betrayed Ruto, they have also betrayed many other people, including yourself whom you did not mention in your rightful anger. In Kenya, dynasties detained, killed and betrayed Mau Mau Freedom Fighters, Dedan Kimathi, Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya, Kungu Karumba, J. M. Kariuki, Oginga Odinga, JM Seroney, Bishop Muge, second liberation fighters and poor masses of every community after every election from independence to date. In defending Ruto, why did you not think of defending those others who have been betrayed by dynasty-governments that have included the William Ruto you now defend? Or is the fate and destiny of one person William Ruto more important than that of millions?

Brother Muigai, I respect you immensely but wonder again. Why would you care more about the betrayal of an individual – William Ruto – than about wholesale betrayal of Kenyan people by their leaders?

I for one has been betrayed by dynasty of Kenyatta who was my hero in the struggle for Uhuru but would a few years after Independence, detain me without trial for three and half years before Moi detained and imprisoned me for another 9 years. While in detention, I knew how cruel it was for your fate to be determined by those who have a voice to speak for you but choose not to. This is how Kenyans who have been betrayed by Uhuru felt when Muigai complained about Ruto’s betrayal when he had power and voice to speak for himself but did not because you were there to speak for him. Why?

Muigai, I also asked you who between Ruto of yesterday and Ruto of today was better and therefore more electable as president but you did not answer. For me however, Ruto of today is better camouflaged than Ruto of yesterday. Unfortunately with a history of YK92, opposing change throughout his politics, unsuccessful prosecution in the ICC and many allegations of un-refuted corruption, history makes Ruto of today unelectable for presidency.

Politically if not legally, Ruto’s history of opposing change under Moi and Kibaki disqualifies him for a second round of presidency just as same history of opposing change once disqualified Uhuru Kenyatta from presidency. Let us remember we shall pay a heavy price if we ignore Ruto’s history for under Ruto, as under Uhuru action against historical injustices like TJRC, Ndung’u and Kliegler reports will see the light of day.

Brother Muigai, you say you suspect dynasties fight Ruto because he hails from poor parentage but in an animal kingdom of meat eaters that Kenya is, in search of desperate survival, it is not unlikely for ambitious sheep to transform into hyenas whose leadership will endanger grass eaters just as much as any meat eater. Ruto may hail from sheep parentage but he is not a sheep. He is a roaring lion king no different from Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki or Uhuru.

Brother Muigai I also asked you to give me one good reason I need to support Ruto for a 20 year presidency. Some people say Ruto is a better leader than Uhuru yet they share same presidency. But my long experience tells me that all our top political leaders are cut from the same political mould. And just as Moi walked in the footsteps of Kenyatta, Kibaki was an ardent disciple of Moi for many years, Uhuru has been avoiding governing better than his predecessors and Ruto will reign no better than predecessors.

From his political nursery to Deputy President, Ruto has not been a champion but opponent of change. Given a chance, he will not rise above Kenyatta, Moi, Kibaki and Uhuru because his vision of leadership is as many children of Kanu said at Moi’s funeral. Those who claim enemies of change like Ruto, Uhuru or Gedion Moi can make good leaders, they are deliberately giving Kenya bad leaders, either because they hope to benefit from their corruption or are hypnotized by a national suicide.

Finally, brother Muigai you say you are so tired of dynasties that you will willingly form an alliance with the Devil himself to end them. But instead of knocking at the door of Satan to get support against dynasties, to avoid transformation into a fellow devil they may demand from you, it is better to knock at the door of heaven where you are more likely to get support of angels and undergo transformation into a angel that God may demand from you.

In governance, we must rise above those whom we seek to replace. Only then do we deserve national leadership.

Koigi wa Wamwere is former Subukia MP and a political activist

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