Raila responds to DP Ruto’s bottom-up economic model with 15-point agenda

ODM leader Raila Odinga in Mombasa on June 3

I what appears to challenge to DP William Ruto bottom-up economic model, ODM leader Raila Odinga’s has outlined his 15-point economic manifesto to make Kenya Afruca’s leading financial centre.

Through a statement issued via social media platforms on Wednesday, Raila said he imagines a country with a firm foundation for the rule of law backed by efficient government structures that can withstand pressure.

‘We ensure a fair, efficient and transparent judiciary. Investors and citizens need assuarance that when disputes arise, there will be a Judiciary that will deliver fast, fair and transparent justice,” the ODM leader said.

In the clearest indication yet that Raila will be on the ballot for the fifth time in next year’s General Election, the ODM leader said he will ensure massive investment in manpower development through universal access to top-flight public education system.”

‘We invest in in higher-value-added industries and strong productivity not just consumption,” he added.

Deputy President has been pushing for the bottom-up economic approach he pegs on his hustler nation narrative.

“End result; We make Kenya Africa’s leading financial centre; a logistics, shipping and aviation hub; Africa’s headquarter for global business, manufacturing and diplomacy. Jobs come, upward social mobility comes for all. I believe it’s possible,” Raila said.

To achieve this, he said, Kenya needs a low and transparent tax regime supported by a clean and efficient public service as well as investment in energy will help achieve this.

“With massive investment in air, maritime, rail and road transportation, we will position Kenya as a natural hub for multinational businesses in Africa.”

“We promote and finance innovativeness, entrepreneurship, team work and work ethic. Kenyans work hard. Hard work must be made to pay,” Raila added.

Raila’s statement comes even as he is believed to be warming up for next years general elections, which most people believe will be his last stab at the country’s top seat.

Among the issues that have so far emerged as contesting ideologies between DP Ruto and Raila include the war on corruption, constitutional changes and the economic model.

When Raila is yet to formally declare his 2022 bid, development in ODM, his speeches and coalition talks point to Raila’s fifth stat at the presidency.

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