Kalonzo is out of your league, Wiper responds to ODM’s Sifuna

Judith Sijeny/Wiper

The Wiper party has accused ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna of casting aspirations on their party leader, Kalonzo Musyoka.

On Sunday, Sifuna released to the press a statement regarding an alleged secret pact between Raila Odinga and Kalonzo.

The scathing statement rubbished claims by Kalonzo about a supposed secret deal with Raila that he would pay back his support in 2022,  and accused  the Wiper leader of being a traitor.

“That statement by Mr. Sifuna, which was in response to a story appearing in the Sunday Nation today, is in extremely bad taste as it appears to have been tailored to cast aspersions on the character of Hon. Kalonzo. The tone and language used therein is totally unbefitting of a person holding the title of a secretary general of any political party, leave alone the Orange Democratic Movement which is led by no less a person than the well respected Hon. Raila Odinga,” Wiper Secretary General Judith Sijeny said in the rejoinder on Sunday.

Noting that Kalonzo was Raila’s running mate twice in 2013 and 2017, Sijeny said it came as a shock to her and the entire Wiper fraternity, “to see the shameless, unwarranted attack against Hon. Kalonzo from a man who is so politically junior to him and who, for all intents and purposes, should defer to Hon. Kalonzo, owing to the latter’s immense political, leadership, and diplomatic experience”.

The nominated senator, in defence of Kalonzo’s claims, said the deal was between the two leaders.

“This means that the two senior politicians may have made a deal without the knowledge of any other members or officials of the party. I have a reason to strongly believe that Sifuna did not seek the views of Hon. Raila before putting pen to paper.”

She noted that Sifuna’s “uncouth and untempered” language only helps to “portray him as a juvenile delinquent who is doing more harm than good to ODM”.

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