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Intrigues surrounding the disappearance of Dutch tycoon as Kenyan wife detained

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Tob Cohen and his wife, Sarah Wairimu

Tob Cohen led a life of corporate visibility and grandeur in his 32 years’ stay in Kenya, until at a time between July 19th and 20th, of this year.

Cohen, unmistakable figure in Kenyan golf courses, and respected tours and travels’ magnate disappeared from the limelight in total contrast to his entry back in 1987.  His arrival, three decades ago, represented the image of a young man ready to merit all the opportunities that Africa could offer. He chose Kenya as the gateway to his imagination of prosperity.

Prosperity came his way as the optimistic Cohen and a ruthlessly aggressive entrepreneur scaled the heights of business across the leisure spectrum. The meteoric rise awarded him an opportunity to indulge in the exclusive sport of golf, mingling with the cream of Kenya’s corporate circles.

At one point, Tob Cohen was the lead executive at Phillips Electronics prior to their departure from the Kenyan market.

All these positive stories came to an unplanned end when Tob Cohen went missing on July 19/20. He has never, since, been found.

His wife, Sarah Wairimu Kamotho, is now under police custody assisting detectives with investigations. The wife was picked on 29th August, this year, from her Kitisuru home.

Mrs. Wairimu had earlier narrated to the police that her husband simply packed his belongings into a car, drove out of the compound, never to come back.

Contesting an earlier version of events as narrated by his wife, the police insisted that Cohen never flew out of the country. His wife had shared that Cohen mah have flown to Thailand.

Security cameras at their shared home in Kitisuru were uninstalled prior to his disappearance. They were reinstalled, by Mrs. Wairimu two weeks after Cohen’s mysterious exit.

The wife has sustained her belief that Cohen may, eventually, resurface, as he had the tendency to go under and dilute active communication.

The police department is in the process of asking for time to hold her, under a miscellaneous application, as they proceed with investigations.

Tob Cohen and his wife, Sarah Wairimu

Tob Cohen and his wife, Sarah Wairimu





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