Narok Senator Ledama expresses his desire to have marijuana legalized in Kenya

While standing in the middle of a marijuana farm in Lithuania in Northern Europe, Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina revealed his desire to have weed legalized in The Republic of Kenya.

“All this is weed and it is legal, damn! I would like to live here,” The Senator wished.

The Senator spoke about Kenya being stuck in the past and thinking that marijuana is an illegal dangerous drug. He believes that Kenya should settle this Marijuana business once and for all.

“If weed is good then let’s legalize it. If it bad then let’s not allow other people in the world to plant it.” Senator Ledama expressed.

Senator Ledama stated the use and benefits of hemp that had been explained to him by his host during the tour.

“Hemp is used for construction and for making ropes.” Ledama said.

He went on to add that, “If hemp is good to reduce the pain of cancer patients, why not legalize it?”

The Senator joked about getting out of the plantation while high because he felt like he was inhaling weed. The video also captured a glimpse of the rest of the weed farm from a higher angle.

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