Casualness in handling coronavirus haunts Trump as he tests positive for Covid-19

Donald Trump, the 45th POTUS at the helm of the world’s largest economy has had a fairly interesting week. He is just from a Tuesday presidential poll debate that had him attempt to save his face on his management of the Covid-19 situation in the US. About 7.1 million Americans have been confirmed infected by the virus which left more than 200,000 of US citizens dead. On Thursday, Donald Trump had played tough intimating that the of the pandemic was in sight.

Less than an hour ago, Trump tweeted, confirming that he and the first lady, Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus. Trump’s admission will certainly escalate tensions in the United States and assert its unfortunate place as the world’s Covid-19 epicenter. The president had indicated his intention to self-quarantine, alongside Melania, after Hope Hicks, his close aide was confirmed positive for coronavirus.

Trump’s tweet comfirming his positive Covid-19 situation

The positive case of Hope Hicks, a close adviser to the president highlighted the challenges America faces in slaying a stubborn pandemic dragon. Trump has led cynics n downplaying the effects of coronavirus and its severity. At various points, Trump adamantly refused to wear masks and assured Americans that the virus would ‘disappear’ soon.

The testing positive of coronavirus by Donald Trump threatens to adversely affect his campaign activities as he will have to self-isolate for a minimum period of 2 weeks. The United States’ election is exactly 33 days away.


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