Former K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo was hit by a car, underwent 7 surgeries



Media personality Betty Kyallo was involved in a nasty road accident when she was in form 3. Betty broke her jaws, ribs and collar bone. The accident also left her with a very big scar on her neck.

“I was in form three on my way to a date when I was hit by a matatu near Railways bus terminus. I fell under it and it was still moving. It dragged me on the tarmac road and skin on one side of the face peeled off,” the media siren narrated on her YouTube channel.

“My legs were severely injured and my lungs were affected too. I underwent seven surgeries to correct everything. I thank God because this scar always reminds me that I defeated something,” she said.

The mother of one became self-conscious and would do everything to hide the scars, especially when going for job interviews.

“I would cover myself with a scarf to hide the scars. At times I would wear a pull neck even when it was too hot because I was so embarrassed of the scar. I hated it,” the content creator reveals.

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Betty did not even want her boss at KTN to see her scar because she was afraid of getting fired. This is because she had heard TV was all about looks and did not want her scars to be visible to everyone.

“When I started my job at KTN, I used to be so cautious. I didn’t want my boss to see I have a scar and deny me a job because I heard it was all about looks but it isn’t,”

“It’s all about hard work. After sometime I gained courage and started embracing it. All of us have scars and some are inside our hearts. Don’t feel ashamed. You survived something. I would have died but I survived,” the mother of one said.


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