Coronavirus: Foreign Affairs PS Kamau, UK envoy Marriott heed to self-quarantine call

Ministry of Foreign Affairs PS Mcharia Kamau and UK High Commissioner are among those leading the way in pushing for self-quarantine for 14 days in a bid to curb Covid-19 spread.

Kamau said he is self-quarantining after returning to the country from New York City, which has the highest number of cases with more than 8,000 people testing positive.

“Following return from New York City on official business and the presidential directive on self-quarantine I have restricted my movements and have taken up work from home. Today is Day 5 of 14. We should all do the right thing on self-quarantine, monitoring &social distancing,’ Kamau tweeted on Thursday.

Kamau was in the US to push for Kenya’s bid for the United Nations non-permanent seat whose election is set for June, if the date won’t be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. During his work visit, Kamau hosted New York Permanent Representatives of the Caribbean Community group for a working lunch at Tudor restaurant in New York.

He appealed for support and reiterated Kenya’s readiness to serve if elected as a non-permanent Member of the UNSC in pursuit of international peace and security.

Kamau also found out something from his self-quarantine.

“Self-quarantine is interesting. It made me appreciate our amazing technology in Kenya. We have excellent Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity. We can use WhatsApp, Wechat, Tencent tech, Zoom &Microsoft teams etc. on our phones away from office, remain connected and enjoy our great weather,” he added.

Kamau said self-quarantine, washing hands often and social distancing are important in curbing the deadly virus, which has killed 11, 400 people worldwide.

Of the infected 277, 000, 91, 900 have recovered.

“Staying home as much as possible four the next few weeks are important. Remember, four out of five people who spread the coronavirus did not know they had it,” Ambassador Kamau said.

He noted that New York was not on the list of departure points that required self-quarantine when he returned and had temperature checked at the airport and cleared.

High Commissioner Jane Marriott works from home on Friday/ COURTESY 

High Commissioner Jane Marriott on Friday said she had 36 hours left of self-quarantine following her UK trip.

The United Kingdom has 3,900 cases and has so far recorded 177 deaths. Sixty-five people have recovered.

“All British nationals should be following Kenyan government advice and going directly home (not using domestic transport) after coming from a Covid-19 country. We’re in this together. No one is exempt,” Marriott said.

Her deputy Susie Kitchens said Marriott’s staying at home had not affected the High Commission’s operations.

“Pleased to report self-quarantine has not dented the productivity of @JaneMarriottFCO! So important we all play our part in limiting the spread of Covid-19,” Kitchens tweeted.

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