Kenya embassy in China yet to disburse Sh11.3 million sent to students in Wuhan

Kenyan students living in Wuhan, the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak in China, are yet to receive the Sh11.3 million pledged by the government.
A student who spoke anonymously to NTV on Monday said only a few students received the first batch of Sh1.3 million as the embassy in Beijing has delayed in disbursing the cash.
“We just need the government (the embassy) to disburse the money and it will help us,” the student said.
He added that the embassy has accused them of not giving their bank details, which he said is false.
“We responded promptly but we have not received the cash. In any case, they used the longer route because we have a version of M-Pesa, which would have been easier,” he added.
He further stated that it has particularly been hard for students living out of their institutions as they did not receive food rations. You then have to live by what you have.
Noting that Wuhan is still on lockdown, the Kenyan student said they are only able to order online, which is expensive because the prices have been hiked. “You also have to order in bulk. The delivery charges are also very high,” he added.
The student added that they felt let down and stressed when the Kenyan government insisted they would not be evacuated.
He further warned Kenyans to take care and follow guidelines and stay at home. “This is not time to go out. This is a serious crisis”.
He said no student contracted the virus, confirming earlier communication by Kenyan Ambassador to China Sarah Serem.
“We followed all the guidelines by authorities here,” he said.

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