My arrest politically schemed, designed to humiliate and embarrass me, Governor Sonko says

In what Nairobi Governor has referred to as his personal statement, Mike Sonko now says his arrest was politically instigated.

“In the last three months, I have been summoned by the EACC four record times, where I have faithfully honoured all the summons. Question is, WHAT was so difficult for Mr. Noordin Haji or even Mr. Twalib Mbarak to follow the same process of summoning me to present myself at the Eacc offices for processing and charging?,” Governor Sonko poses in the statement released via his social media platforms on Sunday.

Governor Sonko says he is convinced his arrest was politically schemed and designed to humiliate and embarrass him.

“There was no point for the deployment of a police helicopter, more than 25 police cars, and 200 police officers to locate and arrest me while we all know on that on the same material day their was terror attack in Wajir county where the chopper would this kind of reinforcement, deployment and operation was needed (sic),” Sonko notes.

He has, however, urged his supporters to remain calm and stay at home or go to their usual places of work from tomorrow (Monday), as he gets processed to appear before court.

There have been reports that some youths are planning to cause chaos on Monday protesting his arrest and incarceration.

Sonko and others are accused of abuse of office and corruption in a Sh357 million garbage tender.

“I am a law abiding citizen, and therefore ask my supporters to stay away from the courts or any other activities that may threaten the peace. I urge all my supporters to allow law enforcement agencies to do their work, and let the law take its course. The peace and stability of Nairobi is more important than anything else,” Sonko says.

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