Sonko’s past jail records complicate bail application

Beleaguered city governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, faces a tough bail application process owing to his past criminal record.

The Director of Public Procesutions (DPP) through Gitonga Riungu and James Kihara, on Monday, opposed Sonko’s bail application citing his previous escapes from jail.

In March 1998, Sonko was convicted at a Mombasa court for failing to appear in court at least 3 times.

The DPP, through the two officials, also cited the Commissioner of Prisons who said while Sonko was at Shimo La Tewa Prison, he sought treatment at the Coast General Hospital after which escaped from lawful custody.

He was then arrested after a signal was sent from Shimo La Tewa Prison.

The prosecutors also alluded to evidence that  Sonko has a pending criminal case in Mombasa in 2001.

Kihara said the offences facing the accused persons are severe.

Sonko, he said, is likely to abscond as records show that he was convicted in the past for failing to attend court.

“It’s in the interest of the public that the court denies Sonko bail. The reasons I have given are compelling enough to deny him bail,” Kihara added

Mike Sonko/Courtesy

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