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Division of Revenue Bill: Sort yourselves out to get extra cash, Uhuru tells governors

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has once again told the National Assembly and the Senate to end the Division of Revenue Bill 2019 stalemate to allow the release of funds to counties.

Speaking in Nakuru during the opening of Ugatuzi Plaza that houses the County Assembly chamber, President Kenyatta told MPs that the government does not have unlimited resources and “should bear in mind that what the national government has been allocating to counties is much higher than the threshold set by the Constitution.”

During the opening of Bicdo Industrial Park in Ruiru on July 25, Uhuru warned that there are funds to add counties as demanded by senators and governors.

He said the government has no (more) money to dish out” a remark escalated the standoff, paralysing operations in the counties. July salaries, for instance, are yet to be paid.

“I want to tell the governors and those agitating for the increase of allocation to counties that they should work with what they have. That is all that is there. The government does not print money; we have to work with what we have,” he added.

On Wednesday the President noted, “It is unfortunate that every day has turned out to a competition between the two houses while Kenyans are now suffering the brunt of this standoff. With all due respect, agree with me that there is money so that the little available funds can be released so that Kenyans can be served.”

Instead, the President advised governors to ensure prudent management of public funds sent to counties, urging them to find ways to improve their own revenue collection to finance counties.

This comes as the National Treasury seeks the Auditor General’s approval to release half of the allocations to the counties.

Acting Treasury CS Ukur Yatani has maintained they will work with Sh310 billion, but senators say the amount was revised upwards to Sh314 billion.

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