Government demands explanation after Fairmont Norfolk Hotel fired all employees

Fairmont Hotel (Photo/Courtesy)

The government has demanded an explanation for the sacking of all employees at Fairmont Norfolk and Fairmont Mara Safari Club.

This is after the fired staff aired their grievances and sought help for the sudden loss of jobs from the office of the Attorney General.

“The office has received complaints from some of the affected employees. They have raised concerns about the lack of due process in reaching the reported decision and violations of their employment rights,” read a statement from Solicitor General Kennedy Ogeto.

The Attorney General is constitutionally mandated to promote, protect and uphold the rule of law and defend  public interests.

The termination of the employees is of public importance and great concern to the government, Ogeto noted,

“This office should be very grateful if you would provide it with clarification regarding the said media reports and complaints from employees, including on the veracity and the justification for the taking of such action,” the statement read.

On Wednesday, Fairmont Norfolk and Fairmont Mara Safari Club closed down business and fired all their employees.

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The decision to close the hotels was made after covid-19 prevented them from carrying out their contractual obligations.

All the employees will be issued with the termination letters by end of June 5, 2020.

Mr Kennedy Ogeto said the firing of all employees would greatly impact the economy. He called on Fairmont to explain their decision.

“Such a decision, if taken, would have far-reaching implications on the well-being of many households and indeed, the Kenyan economy in general,”

“This is therefore a matter of profound public interest, in respect of which this office demands a response,” the solicitor general said.

According to Fairmont Manager Mehdi Morad, employees with more than 5 years’ experience will be paid gratuity as per the CBA. Employees with less than 5 years’ experience will be paid one month’s salary in lieu or notice.

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