If Kenyans make the mistake of electing Ruto in 2022, they will regret it – Atwoli says



COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli warned Kenyans against electing William Ruto as the President come 2022. While speaking on JK Live on Wednesday night, Atwoli used a political quote from former President Daniel Arap Moi to support his belief. He insisted that Kenyans would regret if they dared to give Ruto a chance in 2022.

“Moi used to tell us, siasa mbaya maisha mbaya. If Kenyans made a mistake and elected William Samoei Ruto, they will regret. That will be the beginning of maisha mbaya for Kenyans,” Atwoli said.

Atwoli claimed he had been predicting Ruto was not the right presidential candidate since 2014. He said this was nothing personal. The COTU boss understood that Ruto wanted to partake in the 2022 presidential race.

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That had been the agreement with President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013; for him to become the president after Uhuru has finished his two terms as president. However, Atwoli said Ruto will only have a chance to ascend to power if he hired the right political advisers.

Atwoli had advised Ruto to meet with Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi concerning his political career but the DP dismissed him. The move would have advanced his political career.

Some senators have been purged from Jubilee Party. Other politicians are also facing imminent purging from NASA coalition. Atwoli supported the recent ousting of the Jubilee senators, emphasizing that every political party has a structure and end-goals to be fulfilled.

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“The moment you rebel from the structures, you are asking for discipline,” the COTU boss said.

However, most of the people that have been purged from Jubilee are allies of the Deputy President William Ruto.

“Leadership is collective, under one leader. If you create 2 houses in one house, it can’t work. There must be a way to tame those people who don’t believe in collective responsibility,” he said regarding the ousting of senators allied to the DP.


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