Uhuru says his son broke Covid-19 rules, risked Mama Ngina’s life and got a dressing down for it

Muhoho Kenyatta/ COURTESY

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s son broke the Covid-19 protocols that his own government has set.

And for that, he received a scolding from his father, the President.

“I have a young son, who is not small, but a young man who happened to be travelling to Mombasa with the mother when all this was happening and were caught out in Mombasa, they are still there. So he decided to go out one day and I asked him, you have gone out, you had your fun and enjoyed yourself, and now you have come back and you are with your grandmother. Your grandmother is 80 plus. If anything happens to her because of what you have done, how will live with yourself because of one day of going to see your girlfriend or what?” the President told Mutuma Mathiu of Nation Media Group in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

He said everyone, regardless of who they are must follow the guidelines.

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